• 19 'How-To' Videos

    Jan explains exactly what to do and when to do it to get paid super-fast. It's exactly what she did in her business and guaranteed to work.

  • 15 Call Scripts

    Get past the 'gatekeeper', find 'elusive' people, gain commitment to pay. Scripts so you always feel 100% confident asking for payment.

  • 5 Checklists

    Confidence boosters: 5 ways to use your voice, change your payment terms and meet your customer to get paid sooner.

  • 4 Templates

    Perfect invoice, email, dialogue and payment terms templates, all proven to train customers to pay on time so you get paid faster.

  • 6 Cheat-Sheets

    5 ways to contact your customer BEFORE the invoice is due, how to ask the right questions and just listen to get paid on time.

What people say about GET PAID!

Emma Small, Occupational Services Pty Ltd, Dubbo

Life Changing and Saves Your Business

Emma Small, Occupational Services Pty Ltd, Dubbo

‘Jan’s online Masterclass has saved my business. I had terrible cashflow with debtors 3 months overdue. I couldn’t even pay myself a wage. Now I have all my invoices paid on time and excellent relationships with my customers. This really is life changing and saves your business.’
Mykaela Robertson, Fox Group, Tuggerah

'Transforms Getting Paid Into A Breeze!’

Mykaela Robertson, Fox Group, Tuggerah

‘I learnt some really good ways to ask clients a particular question, sometimes something I’ve struggled with previously – so that’s awesome … Jan shows you so many practical little changes you can make that transform getting paid into a breeze!’
Helen McCullough, Umbrellar Ltd, Auckland, NZ

So Relevant…

Helen McCullough, Umbrellar Ltd, Auckland, NZ

‘…the modules are set up logically with great checklists… I’d happily recommend this to anyone who would like their invoices paid on time.’
Hunter Leonard, Author of Generation Experience

We Recommend It to All Our Business Owner Clients…

Hunter Leonard, Author of Generation Experience

‘In her “Get Paid” Masterclass, Jan Reeves outlines practical, easy to follow and effective methods for getting your invoices paid on time – surely one of the most important aspects of managing your money in business…’

‘We Recovered Nearly $50k in Overdue Payments in One Week!’

‘Jan Reeves really knows this stuff… we immediately applied 3 of her tips and brought in close to $50k in the following week.’
Adrian Pope

Great MasterClass!

Adrian Pope

Had another success! Payment of £6000 from another large company! It feels so good knowing I have a system to make sure I do everything the correct way to get paid fast. Great Masterclass. I'm enjoying getting friendly with accounts people 😁 Thanks again!

GET PAID! Masterclass

In less than 2 hours, you'll have access to all the knowledge and tools you'll ever need to get paid in 30 days or less while building great reltionships with your customers

Meet Your Coach

Jan Reeves

Six months after starting my business I hadn't 'found the time' to chase up payment of my invoices and my main client owed me $100,000. Suddenly I was told that the company had been taken over and the bank account frozen. No suppliers were being paid. If I couldn't recover that money, my business was finished. I would have had to close the doors

Luckily, was able to negotiate my payment and my business survived, but I never wanted to experience that stress again. I quickly devised a simple 5-step system that made sure I was never paid late again, by this client, or any other client.

Getting invoices paid on time gave my business very strong cash flow so I was able to focus entirely on growth, profitability and business value. The business grew to a $12m turnover and I sold it 15 years later to an ASX listed company.

Poor cash flow can cause the most stress and worry a business owner has and often they don’t chase unpaid invoices because they are worried they might say the wrong thing, upset their customer and lose them to the competition.

When you implement my simple 5-step process your customers will like you and WANT to pay on time so you’ll have less stress and strong cash flow. Then you can relax and focus on what you’re good at – growing your business.
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